Image Tools is one of the most simple graphics editor, which does not claim to professional tools, it is more suitable for novice users who want to get a quick effect in graphics processing. It provides simple operations that are included in the standard set of any software package such direction.

Key Features Of Image Tools

First of all, it is worth noting that, as befits such a program level, this application is distributed absolutely free and has no limitations in terms of use or installation. As for the interface, everything is simple. The fact is that even the main panel is not overloaded. It has a total of three main menus. It is this simplicity and allows quick access to all the features and capabilities of the program.

If we talk about functional set, it refers to the type most standard because opportunities are not so much. The category of standard operations include actions to change the image size, the tools to rotate a picture or pictures to an arbitrary degree, as well as the conversion of the final result in a variety of formats.

But that should please, was that there was a very powerful and interesting tool to change the color scheme by constructing histograms. Of course, the professional editing to far, however, the correction is performed on the three primary colors taken as a basis in the world of computer technology. This so-called combination of RGB (red, green, blue). Simply put, the color changes are made due to the saturation of red, green and blue (blue) colors.

If we talk about exporting the final result, then here we will support multiple formats, which are used almost everywhere. Among them are presented BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF and PNG.

No less important advantage of this application is pretty fast work and absolute undemanding to system resources. Moreover, this version is a type of portable programs that do not require installation on your hard drive. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the mandatory installation of the .NET Framework 4, which provides the correct operation of this software.

As a result, we note that the program is really very simple, not only in terms of use, but also tools for working with graphics or photographs. Nevertheless, for those who want to learn at least the basics of working with graphics, for the first time will do. Once you have mastered this tool, you will be taken for more serious software products.


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