iMesh - one of the universal client for working with peering networks, and more specifically, for the exchange between user computers connected to the Internet, audio and video files. Technologies used for finding and sharing multimedia content, quite similar to the principles of using a torrent client and torrent trackers. The only difference is that this software works with peering networks such as eDonkey and Gnutella.

Key Features Of iMesh

By and large, in a functional set of this application has all the standard features peculiar to the programs that use the technology file sharing peer-to-peer. As in many applications of this kind, the file can not download from a central server, namely with several terminals that are running this program and currently is carried injection or distribution of the loaded content. All of this is not new.

Needless to say, that there is the ability to adjust the speed of loading and return or exchange of the LEDs and feasts. You understand that in this formulation of the question, the download file is much faster than if you swing it with a mirror. The same principle is used and some programs to download content, commonly called downloader.

imesh-download-for-pc-windows-and-mac-546Among several unusual features of the application is necessary to note an interesting search engine. It allows not only to find the desired content and buddies worldwide. Here we come to yet another remarkable feature. The fact is that this software is even a built-in video chat. In other words, find a friend, you can use the video mode for real-time communication. This can be useful if you want to ask your friend Mr. stop distributing the downloaded file, or just turn off the computer. It is no secret that even after you are notified when the upload, the file goes into the distribution, that is, it is loaded with other users using your terminal as one of the mirrors or distributing servers.

Overall, the program is very interesting. That's just the former Soviet Union, as far as is known, the type of networks eDonkey and Gnutella few uses, still preferring to work with torrent trackers such as BitTorrent. But as they say, the taste and color ...