Inkscape is a unique and quite powerful editor that has a wide range of features and tools for working with vector graphics. With it you can create any type of artwork. In addition, this software package is fully compatible with the standards of SVG, XML and CSS.

Key Features Inkscape

As for the features of the program, to begin, we note formats supported by this application. Here are imports: SVGZ, SVG, EPS, EMF, PDF, PostScript, Dia, AI, Sketch, TIFF, PNG, XPM, JPEG, BMP, GIF, WPG, WMF, ANI, GGR, CUR, ICO, PNM PCX, TGA, RAS, XBM, WBMP, XPM; in export: PNG, SVG, EPS, PostScript, Dia, PDF, Sketch, AI, LaTeX, POV-Ray. OpenDocument Draw, EMF, GPL, DXF, POV.

With regard to the main features, it is worth noting a rather wide range of tools for working with colors and styles (color selection, copy color, copy, or paste style, gradient editor, contour markers, and so on. D.). In addition, the program has a fairly strong support capabilities SVG, namely, paths, text, markers, cloning, alpha channel, transforms, gradients and textures of their groups, plus full support for metadata Creative Commons, edit nodes, layers, complex operations contours, bitmap tracing, text editing directly in the image, as well as a comfortable work with zaverstannym figure in the text. When working with text, too, can be used such unusual features such as rendering, insert text into the circuit operation with a uniform, or multiline text flows.

Pretty powerful organization has a set of operations for working with loops. You can use a very non-standard functions. They are represented by quite diverse. This logical operations, dynamic and related indent, the creation of compound paths, insert a new node at any point of the contour, fast change the node type, for example, from an acute to smooth or symmetrical, simplified circuit contouring strokes, dynamic contour effects, and more.

Among the unusual and advanced operations, it is worth noting the work of the clones. The fact that one can create any pattern using 17 types of symmetry. And quite unusual is the so-called collective function of drawing and editing using the protocol XMPP (Jabber).

Well, finally, it is worth adding that the application has a built-in XML-code editor images, and can save and open files compressed using the compression algorithm GZIP. The interface of the program has the support of all languages, and the installation file is just over 39 MB.


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