IZArc - program, which is one of the most popular software products for data archiving. It can make a pretty strong competition many paid applications that support a large number of recognized file formats. Among other things, the program is already clear, distributed free of charge and is designed mainly for non-commercial use.

Main Features Of IZArc

If we talk about the basic features of the application, to start is to stay exactly the types of formats that are supported by this program. Among them were the most popular and common formats like 7-ZIP, A, ARC, ACE, ARJ, BH, B64, BZ2, BIN, C2D, BZA, CAB, CDI, DEB, CPIO, GCA, ENC, GZA, HA, ISO, IMG, LHA, JAR, LZH, LIB, MDF, MBF, NRG, MIM, PDI, PAK, RAR, PK3, TAR, RPM, TBZ, TAZ, TZ, TGZ, WAR, UUE, YZ1 XXE, ZIP, Z, ZOO. As you can see, the list is quite impressive.

With regard to the basic principles of the functioning of the application, they do not differ too much from all that use modern program of this kind. Of course, supported the creation of archives, the removal of these files, the task exception, check the archives before and after any operation, an archive data recovery, backup, and disk images such as CD / DVD (ISO, BIN, MDF, NRG, IMG , C2D, PDI, CDI) and much more.


And just as many programs, this application during installation produces its own integration teams and possible operations in the context menu of the operating system that eliminates the need to call the program in a physical sense. Right click menu is called, which, in fact, are all available features of this application. Using it is as easy and convenient as many software products in this series.

The only thing that upsets this setting at the start of the distribution of additional panels in an Internet browser and a complete change of startup home page. So, it is better to abandon this, simply uncheck this type of offers.

In general, by and large, the program is, if I may say so, rather of the sand and has a fairly high speed. Yes, the number of supported archive formats and disc image file is quite wide. In addition, the app has a simple interface and not overloaded it will be clear to users of all skill levels, even those who have never worked with this type of program.download-allpcdownload