JDK (Java Development Kit) is a cross-platform interactive package for developers of Java-based applications. Particularly interesting this kit should show everyone who is dealing with the creation of programs or games that are used on mobile devices. Some web resources can also use these programs, however, a strong spread of the Internet such development have not received.

Key Features Of JDK

First of all, we should not think that Java and Java Script - are one and the same. The first application is used for the development of software and games, but the second, just the same, and the World Wide Web is used on many web pages.

In general, all the JDK has several components. First of all, it is a compiler javac, the set of standard libraries, templates and examples of various tools for the job, as well as Runtime Environment JRE (Java Runtime Environment), which, in fact, comes the launch and execution of programs written in Java. It includes a virtual machine Java Virtual Machine and Java-standard library. Unfortunately, in the main the JDK itself does not include a development environment IDE, so many developers have to use third-party tools, often is a text editor for writing programs and their subsequent compilation using command-line tools.


If we talk about the main benefits of this software, it is easy to notice that the program created it can be used in an environment completely different operating systems, in which the environment installed JRE. For many games and programs it is even the main condition, because without this component, Java-application simply will not work. Incidentally, the use of Java-based applications used in many aspects of modern computer technology. It may be, for example, online games, viewing three-dimensional graphics, communication on the Internet in real time, so whatever. In addition, immediately catches the eye, and that the Java platform is called universal. And indeed it is. After all, these applications are used not only on computers but also on mobile devices. See how many in recent years appears the same Java-games for mobile phones.

In recent releases for ease of use were some features, namely, auto-update and integration into the popular web browsers, as well as a quick start (Java Quick Starter) when starting the operating system.