K-Lite Codec Pack Standard was designed with a single purpose - to provide quality video viewing, which, in essence, has a different compression software other than the standard recognized by the family of operating systems Windows.

Main Features Of K-Lite Codec Pack Standard

This package is already clear from the title, is a set of standard modules for working with video files, viewing and transcoding. Utility actually involves several codecs and decoders that are part of the installation package, which in turn allows you to view the video, regardless of how the compression codec or a video clip. The utility does not apply for cross-platform, and it is designed only for use in the operating systems of the Windows family and work in an environment of other operating systems will not.

k-lite-codec-pack-standard-pc-windows-xp-7-8-10-5465464613 Standard package includes decoders for all popular video formats, but rather JPEG-4 and H.264 (the sound in the first place). Filter standing in all audio video and similar editor, allowing even extract audio from video even in MP3 format. If you are working with, say, the program Vegas Pro, this set will be indispensable for creating various kinds of videos and presentations. Besides, in this case, restrictions video format exists. Filters that are part of this package allow you to set the storyboard and puts the level up to 30 frames per second (this is even taking into account even the fact that your camera takes less). You understand that, more than the frame rate, the less inhibition when playing you will see.

There are such things as FFDShow or DirectShow, which in principle of his work has more to do 3D-accelerator. In fact, streaming video, which is reproduced from the Internet, they do not accelerate. And these modules are designed only for the graphics, which provide us with modern computer games.

This set of codecs and decoders is a basic version of all that could be installed on the computer to work with video. If you take more advanced programs that are part of the software package K-Lite Codec Pack Full and K-Lite Codec Pack Mega, you get more advanced video capabilities. But even the standard package for absolutely no provisioned user, the default settings provide such serious that work with video will not make any difficulty for you, and even more viewing.

k-lite-codec-pack-standard-pc-windows-xp-7-8-10-546465415461In conclusion I would say that if you do not use the special settings of the sound or the video card, you should stay exactly on the package K-Lite Codec Pack Standard. Especially because it involves the automatic adjustment system and is integrated into all known browsers and media players.