K-Lite Video Conversion Pack - one of the most advanced programs to work with video files based on the use of video codecs and decoders from this manufacturer. It allows you to perform many operations that this type of application, as they say, is not even possible to their functional range.

The Main Features Of K-Lite Video Conversion Pack

If you look, the software package itself consists of several modules that are responsible for the use of certain functions with video editing. Each of them is capable of controlling various kinds of parameters that will be present in the final video file.

The first module, which is the main, called Avidemux. He is responsible for all the processes of converting and editing all types of video formats present in the system. With it, you can completely elementary convert any video files like DVD to any other. Moreover, the active ingredient comprises all the codecs and decoders that are used to convert this type of file. This is useful in cases where you have installed on the system (or not set) K-Lite Codes Pack. And even that is not the main condition for the functioning of the program. The application contains even in the setup file all codecs and drivers required for the operation of a device, plus, in addition, to convert between formats is absolutely no difference what type of disc is in the optical drive. The program will automatically be able to recognize, identify and propose the creation of the final file in a specific format.

Pretty interesting feature of this software is and what he is able to recognize not only a DVD-video, but also work as one of the most powerful tools for creating backups, meaning recording images. With such images as known to a system can recover in a few minutes. That is, the application is not only a tool for writing, but also reducing backup and copier system.

And it is really quite unusual functions present in this software package is that you can burn your own DVD-discs without using third-party software and applications installed on the system. In principle, it is even correctly. If you have made a complete editing and know what to do with the final product, you have no need to call a program for recording CDs manually.


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