K-Meleon is a pretty interesting web browser that was designed in close integration with the family of operating systems Windows. In addition, it largely repeats the notorious Internet Explorer, even in appearance, but also uses many features that are inherent in browser Mozilla Firefox.

Key Features of K-Meleon

First, a few words about the program interface. As mentioned above, it is very much like Internet Explorer. That's why it can be attributed to a godsend for those users who are more inclined to use the native browser Windows. Nevertheless, the principles of the application are somewhat different from the standard. The fact is that, although the browser and works with tabs, their discovery is "layers", as is customary in browsers Mozilla. Even hotkeys same.

Quite interesting is the organization and the Favorites menu. There is no conventional panels or tabs. To display or import your favorite bookmarks, you need to connect plugins. But imports are very powerful. The program allows you to fully transfer all bookmarks from the three major browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Moreover, bookmarks imported from different applications are merged into the appropriate group.

k-meleon-web-browser-download-pc.312If we talk about the windows settings of the application, the window completely devoid of any graphical elements or icons operations. Have to settle for just text links and tips. Nevertheless, such a minimalist organization windows many users will like. Moreover, the adjustment support team about: config, which is able to cause everything your browser, including many hidden features.

We must pay tribute, the program has a tight integration with many mail clients. To enable them, simply call the appropriate panel in "View" menu. At the same time, right click brings up a list of all the available actions for writing or sending emails. In this case, you can call the mail client being on any page, and even copy out the text, and then quickly send the mail.

The application has the ability to control and gestures, for example, certain actions with the mouse while holding down the left button. Does regard it act as a kind of team. For example, it can be move the mouse to the left, the program executes a return to the previous page. Here it is worth noting, and very good opportunities to scale. This applies not only to change the font. Can be smoothly scaled images or entire page. And of course, the program has a fairly strong system of search and query processing.

In conclusion, it remains to add that the combination of the principles of the Internet Explorer and Mozilla does put this in some of the most rapidly load and run applications for Internet surfing. Moreover, if we include the private mode, the program allows more traffic and significant savings. In general, the browser runs on five plus.