Kaspersky Rescue Disk is a bootable utility to scan disks treatment and recovery after a virus attack. This program has a rather broad opportunities and allows you to restore the system even seemingly in the most extreme cases, when the system is not even possible to run.

Main Features of Kaspersky Rescue Disk

Let's start with the fact that this utility allows you to scan, virus removal and data recovery even when the infected boot sector of the operating system and to download "OSes" did not get it.

In order to use this program, you need to burn it to any removable media, including various types of disks, USB-compatible devices or removable memory card. When you load the operating system, you must go to the settings in the BIOS boot priority and select the desired device. When you run after reboot the program will automatically scan all devices for the content of viruses, Trojans, worms, malware or spyware software. And this is a huge plus program because it can work with any carrier (as opposed to, say, AVP Tool, which is running an operating system).

Among the innovations in the tenth release, it is worth noting the possibility of treatment facilities startup, the availability heuristic analyzer, support for different file systems (NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, Ext2, Ext3, ReiserFS), improved performance with RAID-arrays, optional Wi-Fi and Ethernet and much more.

In general, I must say that the use of this program is based on a very interesting principle. The fact that the viruses are only in the operating systems. In this case, the program removes viruses, because they simply inactive. In addition, if the computer is connected to the local network, the threat of infection of other computers available. Especially, we must pay tribute to Kaspersky Lab, the program removes viruses and everything still unknown, but suspected of being potentially dangerous objects. The program itself is based on Gentoo Linux and Kaspersky Anti-Virus. And the system requirements for the proper functioning of the software by modern standards, quite low.


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