Kaspersky TDSSKiller - one of the most interesting and rather non-standard programs, which represents a set for the removal of programs to hide the traces of an attacker unauthorized access to someone else's computer or at the insertion of malware or code to intercept access to the entire system.

Main Features Of Kaspersky TDSSKiller

By themselves, such as spyware programs do not take up a lot of space, however, after installation they can be introduced into the system and make the interception system functions Windows API. Programs of this type, generally called rootkits. And very many software anti-virus packages respond to them quite seriously.

I think, and this type of serious anti-virus program to respond as expected. On the other hand, it allows modification and interception of many low-level functions of the standard API. This is primarily due to the fact that in this way the application can produce quite seriously disguise under other programs installed on your system. That is, to determine the presence of such a gathering of spyware without a dedicated protection is just not possible.

In addition, this type of program is quite elementary may mask any process and configuration of the system under. Also, it is simply an application can create directories and files on the hard drive, as well as to register their own keys in the registry that will not definable applications for removing various types of spyware or adware. And that's not all, this type of application may install its own drivers in the operating system that may even look like the most natural description of the "iron devices", and sometimes these drivers may not be visible, even with the use of the Task Manager, which, in principle, control all the processes on the computer at the moment and runs in the background service.

If you really set out to use this kind of software, the best solution is simply not imagine, since Kaspersky Lab is renowned for its anti-virus products deserved. The only drawback of this type of product - this is somewhat unreasonable load on system resources of the computer.


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