KeePass - is, primarily, a password manager. However, the program can serve as a guide, among other important data. It allows you to store credit card numbers, passwords, secret texts, is able to automatically fill out Web-forms and supports the integration of many well-known browsers. Also implemented data synchronization program with Palm.

Key Features Of KeePass

There are times when you begin to realize that different kinds of passwords, PIN codes, ID-numbers and similar data you have accumulated too much and you can not store all this information in my head. File with the data sufficiently reliable, however, had to be a special solution for storing such important information, and, as they say, "all-in-one." KeePass 2 program to do just that and created.

Generally, KeePass - quite an interesting tool for the computer, and presented for different platforms. In principle, the program can be completely without problems to use not only the computer, but also on the phone. The program is primarily characterized in that the installation and does not require third-party plug-ins can connect. However, it should be very careful, because the developers did not dayun guarantee that the program will behave correctly with third-party plug-ins. Unfortunately, it can threaten the safety of the entire application.

When you set up you can automatically go into this or that process, as well as Web-sites using an automatic login. Also, the program saves your user name and password for a particular website, credit card numbers or registration data type membership. On mobile devices, you will also be spared from having to enter data manually at the entrance to a particular site. And features such as "Automatic encryption" and "Lock" allows you to save your data even if you lose your mobile device. All cryptographic operations are designed using standard libraries to prevent information leakage.

The program has a pretty good defense, using the most modern technology, which allows different combinations using to protect your data. Moreover, you can use the master password, key written to removable media, or both options simultaneously. Moreover, all data can be exported in a completely different formats, such as TXT, HTML, CSV and SML.

Also, you can use the backup data to restore them in case of system failure or just accidental deletion. Moreover, these features of the program in different versions compatible with the family of operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac Os X, Palm, and so on. D.

In general, it is worth noting that, as keeper of the keys and sensitive information, this program is extremely reliable. This is especially true for the use of mobile devices. The only drawback is the lack of the transaction log, but it will agree not the point.


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