KeePassX is a program that is a form of cross-platform applications under the title KeePass and is designed for storing personal information of any type, for example, logins and passwords, email addresses, addresses the most visited sites, credit card numbers and serial numbers of applications, pin -codes and more.

Key Features Of KeePassX

Immediately I want to note a simple and easy-to-use user interface that is fully customizable and supports multiple languages. The program itself KeePassX completely free, licensed under the GNU and is open source.

As for storing data, they are stored in the database is an encrypted file. Is used for encryption algorithms AES and Twofish 256 bit. All data is protected or password or key file that at times increases safety. Incidentally, such algorithms, for the most part, uses the banking system. It goes without saying that the application KeePassX has built-in customizable random password generator.

The base data application stored KeePassX groups organized by type and by category is a tree structure. In this case, any type of data can be assigned its own icon. No less interesting looks and the ability to connect to the program KeePassX additional modules, called plug-ins, to enhance the core functionality. It is impossible not to note the fact that the program is compatible with KeePassX advanced software packages such as KeePass Safe and can work in the operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, etc. In addition, there is a special portable version that does not require installation on your hard drive.

No less interesting looks and functionality to export the database to a file in TXT, HTML, XML and CSV, as well as imports from other formats. In principle, such a possibility is necessary, I think, just to, say, print the information.

It goes without saying that each user can customize the look of the program KeePassX and assign the most convenient hotkeys or use tools for management of confidential data of any type. In general, the program deserves attention from all those users who want to not only maintain but also to reliably protect personal information.


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