Kingsoft Office is a new free office suite, which was created as an alternative to the same package of Microsoft Office. It is fully compatible with the package from Microsoft, nevertheless has a number of interesting features.

Key Features Kingsoft Office

First of all, I must say that the last release of 2012, unlike previous versions, became completely free of charge. Firmware is certainly less than the full package Microsoft Office, but the main applications are present in its entirety and have a number of functions that are in Microsoft Office simply do not occur.

And So. This software consists of three main applications. This Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Presentation, and Kingsoft Spreadsheet. The first application is an analog of Microsoft Word, the second - an analog of Microsoft Power Point, and the third - an analog of Microsoft Excel. As mentioned above, both the office suite are fully compatible with each other. It concerns the cases when editing documents created using Kingsoft Office is made in Microsoft Office environment and vice versa.

If you've ever worked with office software from the company to Microsoft, you can easily be dismantled and with these applications. The interface is painfully familiar, as is clearly reminiscent of the environment Microsoft Office. Among Writer, you can create text documents, using a powerful set of tools for design. And, when you import Word files application accepts even one of the latest formats DOCX. With Kingsoft Presentation application you can easily create various kinds of presentations and, of course, import and export them to various formats. One of the main features of this application is that the main window of the program is presented in two screen mode. The most interesting thing is that in these two applications, a special function to convert a document to PDF, which is quite convenient, because, in fact, you are creating a universal document one of the most popular formats. It is clear that Kingsoft Spreadsheet component and allows you to work with spreadsheets and database formats DBF, using the formula, calculations, graphs, and so on. D. But the most unique is that all applications has automatic spell checking with the replacement of the words when typing. By the way, Word does not always replaces the incorrect entry, and Excel does not replace all.

The result is quite a powerful alternative tool for working with office documents. The three main components are designed very carefully and provide the user with a very interesting possibilities that are sometimes superior in its functionality with Microsoft Office. A free distribution involves the use of Kingsoft Office, more and more users. So, try this office suite in the work, and you make sure it's worth it.

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