Klavaro is a very non-standard and demanded a program for training high-speed printing on a computer keyboard. It involves a rather peculiar process of learning touch typing even foreign words using a unique system of memorizing the location of the keys.

Key Features Of Klavaro

Application possibilities are rather large and, in some way, very interesting. The fact that in the world there is quite a large variety of computer keyboards. And it is this application supports most of them. It includes such types of keyboard and language layouts as "qwerty" (BR; BR_abnt0; BR_abnt2; CZ; EL; ES; HE; IT; PT; SE; TR; UK; US), Dvorak (BR; FR; TR; US ; US_BR; US_ES; US_SE), "qwertz" (CZ; DE; HU), "azerty" (FR; FR_ibook; BE), "jtsuken" (RU) and AlphaGrip5 (US).

The process of using the program is fairly simple. You simply click on the exercise you are interested in and follow the instructions in the wizard training. A master function is quite interesting. For foreign languages, indeed, provided training set of random characters. If you notice, it in no way not only refers to the English language. Here you can find support and many Slavic spelling and spelling.


Moreover, memorizing the location of each key may not even be related to the semantic meaning of a selected language. And very intelligent system involves simply remembering finding character with each selected layout. The very same layout at any time to switch between them. So, this combination is very convenient when writing the text in the selected language with immediate transfer to another universal language, for example, English or American. Most often, it is used to write specialized terms and abbreviations international accepted worldwide.

And it is the most unusual feature is the possibility of holding a competition for speed printing directly online. This, perhaps, not be found any more in one program. It is clear that the installation of its own records stimulates trained person, is much stronger than it would have done the usual program. The point is we have to with real opponents.


Thus, we have a program for the training of printing. It is built quite seriously. Felt that the producers of the software came to the creation of this product wisely. Moreover, the whole process of learning and the same online competition laid out in detail. Thus, in conclusion, we note that the program is highly versatile thanks to its teaching methodology not only high-speed printing in their native language, but also in foreign languages, including many non-standard keyboard layout.

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