Lastpass is a handy tool in the form of a manager to store your passwords to a variety of sites. You understand that the time of recording passwords on a piece of paper or save them to a text file is long gone. In fact, even such a file will be able to open any interested hacker access to local terminal. In this case, the opposite is true.

Key Features Of Lastpass

As for the program Lastpass, it is designed as a plug-in (additions or add-ons) to many popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Apple Safari, etc. Another interesting fact is that the application itself is not limited to family of operating systems Windows. There are special development for Mac OS X, Linux and even mobile version. Moreover, among all these embodiments have a significant difference, since they can be synchronized with each other. Among other things, the program Lastpass distributed free of charge and has no restrictions on the installation or usage time.

If we talk about the basic features of the software package Lastpass, is among the main functions is to provide maximum security for stored passwords. It uses a two-level protection. In other words, you can encrypt every single password, and for access to the entire database password used by the so-called master password. In addition, it is not necessary to come up with their own passwords. Lastpass app has a built-in password generator that can create quite complex combinations of letters, numbers and symbols. It goes without saying that crack a password if they wanted to be very difficult.

One of the main functions of the security system can be called and protection against computer spyware and prevent phishing attacks. Among other things, it uses local storage that can be shared with other users.

Among the most requested user the ability to program Lastpass offers an automatic filling of web forms. That is, the user does not need every time you access a particular Web resource to enter the password again. Enough to maintain (or generate) it in the program once. Subsequently, the passwords will be entered automatically.

No less important is the fact that the application Lastpass ability to import previously created passwords of the above browsers. Actually, as the new data, such passwords can be stored in the application Lastpass.

In conclusion it should be said that the interface Lastpass fairly simple and straightforward. Although there is English, even with minimal knowledge of it, with the application Lastpass can understand without difficulty. And the settings are, by and large not much, almost all of them are automated. Although there are advanced features for advanced users.


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