LibreOffice - a comfortable office suite from The Document Foundation, which allows you to create and edit text documents. The programs of the package can handle text, create and edit tables, graphs and charts. In general, the product can be called a full-fledged free replacement of the traditional package of Microsoft Office. The package supports the English language and can run on modern operating systems, including the most popular now, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Multifunctional package LibreOffice is a set of office applications, enabling quick and easy to create and edit text documents, spreadsheets, drawings, perform the calculation, even complex calculations, create charts and graphs. The most common applications is a text editor Writer, which is manned tools and functions of the standard Word, you can create and edit text, work with tables, graphs and diagrams. In the editor, you can create a small single page documents and massive files. This application has the ability to check spelling, hyphenation, auto correct etc.

libreoffice-for-pc-windows-xp-7-8-download-full-version-4545545465 Also particularly noteworthy program Chart, which allows you to build charts and graphs. In this case the user is offered a wide selection of different types of graphs and functions, so everyone will find the right tool. LibreOffice Calc tool resembles a standard Microsoft Excel spreadsheet editor and popular Gnumeric. Thanks to this tool you can create and edit tables, analyze and manage data, perform calculations. Perform calculations in the annex is quite simple thanks to the convenient master functions.

In the software package has a visual editor that is designed to create and edit web-pages. Impress with the application, you can create vector graphics and spectacular presentation, and here you can open and handle those slideshows that have been created in the paid Microsoft PowerPoint. In the presentation, you can add text, pictures, diagrams, multimedia and more. The transition between slides can decorate animation. For convenience, the application has a lot of templates that allow do-impact presentations in a matter of minutes.

libreoffice-for-pc-windows-xp-7-8-download-full-version-516546565454LibreOffice Math app includes many tools and functions for creating and formatting formulas. Formulas are created in the documents in the form of objects, and besides the standard symbols editor the user can insert a formula characters from other fonts. By means of the application LibreOffice Draw can easily create drawings, vector graphics, 3D objects, insert pictures, animations and various effects. Working in the program of this office suite, you can save the created documents in different formats. This is not a complete list of all the features and advantages of the program, and to evaluate them fully, LibreOffice can download and install on your PC.