Light Image Resizer - an interesting application, which is a collection of several tools, assembled in one set. The program is able not only to change the actual size of the image, for example, in centimeters or inches, but also to make the conversion of graphic files with any degree of compression and editing abilities permit.

Key Features Light Image Resizer

Certainly, many users have encountered a situation where you need to send an image file by e-mail using mailboxes and accounts of corporate type. The trouble is that most of these services do not support sending files larger than 5MB. In this case, the program would have, could not be more, by the way. It allows you to quite simply not only change the size, but also the expansion. In other words, save the file format .JPG .BMP format becomes quite simple procedure. Naturally, the size of the bitmap .BMP, compared to a compressed format .JPG, takes place on the disk, at least once every two or three more. The most interesting thing is that it is possible, either to convert from one format to another, or to change the physical size of the image. Thus the result can be achieved when the final image will be smaller than the initial several times. This is what seems most important advantage of this software.

As for graphics formats, which can operate and maintain the application, the list is quite impressive. Among these formats is worth noting JPEG, JPG, NEF (Nikon RAW), DNG (Adobe), CR2 (Canon RAW), GIF, PSD (Photoshop), TIFF, PNG, ICO, BMP, ARW, DCM, DIB, CUT, MEF, CRW , JPE DICOM, JP2, EMF. What is most interesting, the conversion is done regardless of what format is the original file, or a file format will be the result. Strictly speaking, the program is a universal cross-type converter. Note that even from a plain text file with graphics format .PDF can easily make the picture format .PNG.

By and large, if you look, the program is very useful to many office and engineering employees who are faced with the need to send large amounts of e-mail attachments using graphical formats. And it is to reduce the size of attachments sent to this program and created. And, of course, a huge plus is absolutely FREE product, small size and intuitive ease of use. By and large, to work with this application does not need to have some specific knowledge and skills, for example, that involve the same Adobe Photoshop.


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