Lotus Symphony is one of the branches of the wider OpenOffice.org office suite, and what resembles and its functionality, and plenty of opportunities inherent in such an office giants as Microsoft Office. However, despite the fact that many of the functions taken over by it to the "open office", the differences between all three products a lot.

Key Features of Lotus Symphony

First, note that the software package, in contrast to the same Microsoft Office, is distributed absolutely free and has no restrictions on the terms and conditions of use. Although the first thing that immediately attracts attention is the absolute scarcity of the product in comparison with the basic. The fact that in the office there are only three basic applications, namely, a word processor, a work program and a spreadsheet tool for creating presentations. Roughly speaking, we have in stock only analogues of Word, Excel and Power Point. However, this package includes also a built-in browser, which is able to function in an environment of each application. Of course, to call it a full-fledged tool for the Internet can not, however, come at the worst. It works through the engine, Internet Explorer, which is installed in the system.

If we talk about the possibilities of this office, it is a little closer still to the office from Microsoft, and not the initial product, a branch of which actually is. Basic functions are virtually identical. The interface and working principle are several major differences, and above all directed towards facilitating access to basic operations.

It is known that modern computer monitors have a fairly large size and aspect ratio. Therefore, developers turned their energies to optimize screen space. So as much as possible was unloaded main toolbar to add additional vertical space. Instead, most of the buttons were placed on the side panel. And, most interestingly, some of the buttons are designed in such a way that allow you to call additional context menu displaying the available operations in graphical mode. That is, by and large user immediately sees what tool he uses, and what will be the end result.

But that it is quite unusual, this is the work of all major applications in a single window with tabs like many Internet browsers. That's exactly adds ease of use when the user does not need to open or collapse a particular window. The transition between all the paperwork is done only by pressing the desired tab.

In the end, we have both pluses and minuses. Pros touch ease of use, access to basic tools and features and easy navigation. Disadvantages include only a fact that the whole package consists of three applications. On the additional equipment, developers, unfortunately, did not care.

Lotus Symphony 3.0.1 Download For PC