LSN Password Safe is a perfect in its capabilities password manager. It allows you to securely store many important data from being stolen, and the entire system - from intrusion, thanks to the built-in antikeyloggera. Never before has the password protection was not so simple and, at the same time, so effective.

Key Features Of LSN Password Safe

First of all, it should be said that the program on their own, different from many well-known applications of this kind. The fact that anti-spyware modules are designed not only to block keyloggers keyboard, but the program is following the use and manipulation of the mouse.

In addition, the interface is pretty simple. It is a window divided into two parts. The left side displays the categories of programs that use passwords or encryption, and the right - in fact, the data itself is about passwords. A very interesting feature of the app is the fact that it protects the windows, which made typing. Moreover, in this case, can be used even a virtual on-screen keyboard.

Generally, the utility program is not fixed per se. She works primarily as a console or a portable version that does not require installation on your hard drive. This makes it possible to use it on any computer without any fear of unauthorized access and theft of sensitive data. The point is that simply copying the encrypted data is impossible to open. This is true even in cases where the attacker knows the master password. Copy and opening all encrypted standard and nonstandard algorithms data can only be with the help of the program itself. Moreover, the program uses the encryption cascade that always has consequences for the protection.

To avoid losing important data, the program provides a powerful backup system, which allows you to synchronize data even on multiple disks. Everything else, if you do not want to bother yourself creating your own password, the app has a built-in password generator and file keys. And of course, the program, like many others, provides full memory protection.

In general, we can say that this utility is one of the most powerful in the field of protection and data encryption. Due to the two-level protection at the entrance, as well as the cascade encryption of data using custom algorithms, you can be absolutely sure that, even if the data is stolen, decode them, and even more, view, can not practically none. So if you need a really stable and reliable protection, LSN Password Safe will help you with this. And it is no wonder many calls this software package is not password manager, and present a safety deposit box in which your data will be stored most reliably.


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