Lunascape is a regular Internet browser, created by Japanese developers, judging by the high technology of all Japanese art in general, we can say that this software is different from many others like him better quality.

Key Features Of Lunascape

One of the most important features of this software is that its operation program combines at least three different engine startup. More specifically, it is the engines that are running Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Through this provision, this does, the assurance of developers working on two orders of magnitude higher than the above-mentioned application. The thing is that each of the three engines can be configured manually, bypassing the automatic settings, and you can go absolutely calmly to view a particular page using one of the three supplied engines (the program prompts you to select it before entering). Of course, if you are not strong in the area of ​​programming or system settings, should agree with the default settings. However, if you are clueless that something, in this case you will need to climb into the system settings and select the options that you need for optimal functioning of the software product. Incidentally, you can quite happily even change the speed of downloading files, adding limit or setting limits for downloading of certain files.

As for tuning engines themselves, it is a process that will only by people understanding in this matter. The fact that not all network cards support connection speeds of up to 1 Gbit / sec, and according to this, the transfer of data using different protocols can not be implemented without considering possible names of network cards. Another question - whether your provider to provide such services? The software in this case plays the role of a secondary, though not the last.

The big advantage of this program is that it can be quite elementary to import settings from Internet Explorer and at the entrance to some sites require a login and password, provide AutoComplete forms. Also worth noting support RSS.


A very interesting feature Lunascape is that she knows how skirinshoty screen, that is, if you went to a specific web resource with a single click of the mouse you can do save the image on the screen in graphic mode. The graphics will be stored in a file with the extension PNG.

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