The Macgo Free Media Player is a very interesting program for those who need a video player that runs any format without losing the quality and that too open and synchronize subtitles.

This application is incredibly simple to use: you open the program and can choose to access any file on the computer or turn the disc in the physical drive.

After that, the app brings several interesting tools for the reproduction is the best possible. For example, if the legend is out of sync, you can use simple shortcuts to adjust the delay and put it back in place. Another possibility is to adjust the audio time, even if it is a problem of the video.

That is, if you have a video with images and audio out of sync, you can watch it using the Macgo Free Media Player repairing this problem with the use of just a shortcut. The files opened by this player are always with the highest quality possible and it can even play videos in FullHD without losing any quality, something that is perfect in conjunction with a Retina display.

Review Of Macgo Free Media Player

The Macgo Free Media Player application is one of the best free player options for any media type Windows. It works correctly, has a simple interface and allows you to watch any content at full quality.

Audio synchronization options and legend also help enough to consecrate this app as one of the best options you will find. Adjustments are made using customizable shortcuts and you can arrange text or talk time in split seconds at the push of a few buttons.

But perhaps what most impresses is something that does not fix so easily: the quality of the videos. If you have a Retina screen or watch the content as well as possible, but this is not always possible, as some players simply do not support content with a very high resolution and make a real-time conversion.

The Macgo Free Media Player does not suffer from this problem: you can enjoy the best of its ultra-high resolution screen and watch your favorite movies with the highest quality. The program reads most of the available video formats, audio and still image, for example DVD, Video CD, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, MPEG, RMVB, MP3, WMA, AAC, AC3 etc.

For those who like to save screenshots and want to do it simply, it has an option of capturing  stills  ("Snapshots" in the translation into Portuguese) using a shortcut or directly by on-screen context menu. Pause the video and press the button to create a screenshot of only the video playback screen, without showing the controls, the menu or the tip of the mouse.

Very worth downloading this program to play back your media using separate captions and without having any problems with accents (many programs do not recognize the accents in the legends, tornanto impossible to read the texts, but it is not the case of this), delays or audio quality loss.



  • Top quality
  • Easy to move, with intuitive menus
  • Adjust subtitle and audio time
  • Open any file type
  • Plays music, videos and photos

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