MachStudio Pro Free - a truly royal gift to developers three-dimensional animation of the company's founder StudioGPU. Why a gift? Yes, because this professional development system used to cost 3999 dollars. It is not known what caused such a broad gesture, but the fact remains - we now have a professional product absolutely free. And the feature set is unchanged.

Key Features MachStudio Pro Free

First, let's note that, although the distributive and has a little over 500 MB, the program itself after installation prompts 1.3 GB of free space on your hard drive. In principle, modern disk drives is not a problem.

So, what is MachStudio Pro Free is really? If we speak in one phrase, it is a system for three-dimensional modeling of any complexity with highly professional set of tools. The most important thing is that the application MachStudio Pro Free has the support of high-performance graphics processors, which, in turn, allows for incredible manipulation of rendering and visualization of high-level scale. And, simply put, many operations that previously developers spent many hours or even days, the software produces MachStudio Pro Free in minutes.

Among the most interesting features of the operations to create three-dimensional objects and their subsequent animation is worth noting a few basic tools. First, here there is a function shader programming, as well as the availability of technology Ambient Occlusion. Quite interesting and can be called a tool to regulate the depth and sharpness. Particular attention is paid to lighting elements. For example, there are several features of this type: HDR and Screen Space Global Illumination. Moreover, there is possibility of combining the unique object with its own light source.

But it all seems a trifle compared with the main functions of rendering. The program MachStudio Pro Free is completely compatible with Pixar RenderMan, MetaSL and Mental Ray. The most interesting thing is that, depending on the needs of the developer at any time may be quite easy to switch between rendering engines. Do not forget to support a plurality of three-dimensional modeling of the leading platforms such as Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max, which allows the sharing of the platforms and systems MachStudio Pro Free.

In general, the program MachStudio Pro Free clearly can not be called simple. However, to deal with it, the user is in your arsenal is such a huge range of tools, professional level, which is considered one of the best in the world of 3D-technology. And it's free!


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