MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) is a software emulator of old arcade games for the operating systems Windows. Most interesting is that for the normal functioning of the program MAME does not even need a powerful computer with a modern graphics accelerator. The only drawback may be called only that MAME app only works from the command line. Although anyone can find a extended version called MAME UI, which has a user-friendly graphical interface.

Key Features of MAME

With regard to the basic functions presented in the working set of applications MAME, they, in fact, not so much. The first thing that attracts attention that the program contains about 6200 MAME games that came out at different times during the 1970-1990's. Of these, 3368 were unique games. In addition, attention is drawn to the fact that in a set of programs presented MAME games that have been previously released for video game consoles, including many masterpieces of the past for the Sony PlayStation and NeoGeo.

As mentioned above, the application MAME runs only from the command line, and this is a major inconvenience. As for the games to use them, you need to perform some action. The fact that all games are packed in ZIP-archives, which should be placed in a special folder in the program. And not all games are free. With the software publisher MAME can download some free test games. The rest will have to pay for what our users is clearly not for everyone.

Lack of full GUI is compensated by supporting multiple controllers, including all sorts of joysticks and gamepads. There is even the possibility of using a special light gun, which is connected via USB.

If you do not use the original, and an enhanced version of MAME UI, everything here is much better. A graphical interface, you can sort ROMs, it remembers the settings for each game, as well as the use of cheat codes, can facilitate the passage of a certain level.

However, in general, the program MAME will be very interesting to fans of the old games. Indeed, it is, so to speak, even a kind collector's edition, which will allow everyone to plunge into the game world 70-90-ies of the last century, even without the modern high-speed computer.


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