Maxima - one of the most powerful to date, mathematical applications, which has a lot of possibilities for computing a fairly large number of various functions. It goes without saying that the application is quite specific product that is unlikely to be used by ordinary users. The fact is that, first of all, the program is designed for scientific and engineering calculations, though, can be useful and a large number of students.

The Main Features Of Maxima

If we talk about the basic features of this unique software product, then immediately it is worth noting that a huge number of functions that the program can work. This is attributed differentiation, integral function, the calculation of explicit and implicit functions, work with floating point expressions, pattern recognition systems of linear equations, Laplace transforms, series expansion, the calculation of matrices and tensors, work with systems of equations, sets precise fractions, polynomials, vectors, graphing functions using two-dimensional or three-dimensional representation and more. Perhaps today there is no such area of ​​mathematical calculations that would did not recognize the system.

As for the interface of this software, it is in spite of the complexity of the program is fairly simple. The main panel has several types of menus which, actually represented all sections of mathematical calculations. By using each of them, it is necessary to introduce the original problem, and the program will display an optimal solution in the automatic mode. Moreover, in some cases it is possible to get a result in the form of a detailed proof-painted with all the procedures and rationale for the final result.


Furthermore, any solution can be easily set to a printer or in some cases to obtain the corresponding graphics. I must say that the whole system is not some onerous, even the apparent complexity. It is clear that such a powerful tool for many users can come to taste. Sure, and engineering professionals, and scientific minds, and students will appreciate its immense possibilities, the list of supported tasks, as well as unimaginable speed. So if you often have to deal with so many mathematical calculations, the best software for this type of problem you just do not find. In general, the application is running, so to speak, on the five plus.

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