McAfee SiteAdvisor - is not nothing but a kind of add-on to your existing antivirus self-titled McAfee, which integrates all installed on the computer, Internet browsers. By and large, this program can be considered as anti-virus protection when accessing the World Wide Web.

Key Features Of McAfee SiteAdvisor

If we talk about the main features of the software, they are, in principle, no different from programs such as firewalls. This software product is, of course, is able to block some viruses malware, as well as the installation of unwanted software on your personal computer.

Though many are called basic program one of the best, however, it can be subjected to thorough questioning. You understand that the software package in any degree can not be compared with products such as Kaspersky antivirus or NOD. They also provide the strongest protection. In the McAfee anti-virus, there are many loopholes that crackers and enjoy.

By itself, win software than? First of all, that does not consume system resources, in contrast to the same type of Kaspersky antivirus or NOD, and provides a more or less permanent protection. Of course, talking about the maximum protection is not necessary, however, for the computers and users who can not afford to make anti-virus database, the model will be enjoyed. The fact that it was originally laid checking algorithm based on heuristics, which in general, is not new. On these bases and operates the majority of vendors. But the effectiveness of this program is that it has virtually no ability to consume system resources and is very easy to operate, just as the extension to the main anti-virus software. At the moment, regarded her as a full-fledged anti-virus is not necessary. This is likely the only option, and, for free, which can be installed, only when the main anti-virus program.

Finally, it is worth noting that this software something new in computer technology or means of ensuring data protection are not. However, it is safe to say that if there is at your disposal original program McAfee, then this additional tool you absolutely can not hurt. Moreover, the standard anti-virus is not able to block attacks from the Internet for access to certain sites. The same add-in may be a few more. And that it will protect you from possible intruders, even with the use of completely different internet browsers.


McAfee SiteAdvisor Download For PC