Media Coder - primarily transcontinental almost all known audio and video formats. The program allows to increase the compression of video and audio in order to reduce the file size, can extract audio from any video format.

Main Features Of Media Coder

First of all, I would like to say to the quality of the program and its work, and the final version of the audio or video files that you receive after the fulfillment of any of the conversion process.

Media Coder provides opportunities to convert video to normal VCD / DVD, can carry out the conversion of audio between various formats without losing quality, capable of creating copies of CD, as they say, "on the fly", and also can produce the subsequent processing of the material, and handle any job in batch mode, while maintaining the records in the tags, file names, and work as a professional audio editors, including the functions of the audio filtering (resampling, normalization level, etc.).

Among the main features of it should be noted, first of all, improved compression and reducing the size of the video (if you convert audio and video) of formats, such as, MPG / VOB / AVI / RMVB / MOV / MP4 to AVI / MKV / MP4 (Xvid / DivX /H.264 + MP3 / OGG / AAC); extract audio tracks from video files formats MPG / VOB / AVI / RMVB / MOV / MP4 to MP3 / OGG / AAC / MPC; converting ready to play VCD / DVD format from RMVB / MOV to MPEG 1/2; conversion of the lossless formats or files with a high bitrate APE / FLAC / WavPack (+ CUE sheets) in MP3 / AAC / WMA and rip audio CDs into compressed formats APE / FLAC / WavPack / MP3 / OGG / AAC / WMA / MPC. That is, you can convert any audio or video file on your own in the format that suits you best for this type of player. Or, let's say you just want to have a smaller file, such as AVI video files much larger than the MKV or MP4. No questions. The program will do everything automatically. You expose only the input and output formats and the desired bit rate.

Yes, Media Coder has too many different settings, and some of them, if not set up correctly from, may not work together, that sometimes leads to no sound in the video. But if you do everything, as they say wisely once, then later to even think about the settings will not need to.


As for the "resynchronization", it is absent, even when recording sound with variable bit rate to AVI or convert video with satellite dish. Many users, whether professionals encoded audio and video, or just beginners appreciate the given software product.

In general, Media Coder - it's just a godsend for anyone involved in the decoding of audio or video files from one format to another. At its core, it is simply universal. Nowhere else will you find such a huge number of supported formats. The only thing that is so, of course setting. Do not be lazy, do the setup program once, and you will appreciate all the opportunities that gives you Media Coder!

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