Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool - is a proprietary company Microsoft, which is designed to create the most effective protection for Windows operating systems from invading viruses and various unwanted spyware or malicious software. The program is especially good that apparently, even the operating system developers know, or at least guess about the gaps that they exist. It is for this purpose and do programmers famous IT-giant, in order to protect against possible OSes potential threats.

Key Features Of Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

To begin with, we note immediately that this software package is primarily focused on the work of local networks, because it was there were most latent threat. It is no secret that many users do not attach any importance to this, because even the infected terminal at first glance may not work perfectly normal, but only few people realize that in the background, not accessible by regular users can be made to steal confidential information or any other data which is considered undesirable for public dissemination.

This software allows you to get the best possible protection from all these threats. Not only that, the program locks the program codes penetrating from the outside, such as Internet access or exchange data via a local area network, it can still work as a plug-in, when you start scanning the entire system for unwanted or malicious software.

The most interesting is that the software is updated frequently, every second Tuesday of the month. In other words, twice a month, you will get not only update the anti-virus or anti-spyware database, but also to update the software itself. And, all this made absolutely simple. You do not need to even use the manual mode, because this utility is included in the actual structure of the software update called Windows Update.

As for the installation and use of the package, everything is simple. Using the Setup Wizard, you only need to agree to accept the license agreement. At the end of the process will be automatically check for the presence of threats, both the terminal and the network to which it is currently connected. Removal of unwanted components in case of made in fully automatic mode, and then the screen will display a report on the search results and actions carried out in a particular case.

According to the developers, the program saves a temporary record for future viewing, and the program itself superfluous painlessly remove the hard drive of your computer. Most interesting is that this does not in any way affect the performance of the entire system.


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