Microsoft Windows Defender - very interesting in terms of functionality program to remove spyware, developed by Microsoft for their operating systems. Initially, this program was integrated into the operating system Windows Vista, however, is currently available loading add-on module for Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

The Main Features Of Microsoft Windows Defender

Let's start with the fact that this software has all the features that are available in many anti-spyware. Naturally, this removal of various types of trojans, rootkits, keyloggers, spyware, advertising, malware, and more.

However, the main difference from the rest of the package is that the software scans the system in real time. But it's not just scanning of malware and spyware, but also to track changes in the system of the operating system. After all, who but the developers Windows, need to know about all kinds of loopholes in the security system (although it is no secret that many enthusiasts find them a lot more).

Scanning, in addition to all concerns and more applications ActiveX. And if Microsoft Windows Defender is in such suspicious applications veiled threat, the removal of your choice is not difficult. An interesting point lies in the fact that if the program has been deleted accidentally, you can always restore it.

And of course, the program has a built-in task scheduler, that is, you can specify the scan on a set schedule, or just use the scan manually at any convenient time for you. Actually, this is not critical because the changes are made at the system level in real time.

Just as easily, Microsoft Windows Defender works with Internet connection, allowing you to block ads on websites, as well as to prevent the loading of elements that slow down your computer.

As for the update, it can be done either manually or just turn on automatic updating, going for it in the settings of the program. Updating, by the way, does not stand still. Unlike, say, the update of the operating system, Microsoft Windows Defender update is made more often. And with built-in Microsoft SpyNet, the results of the identified threats to anyone with an Internet connection can send to Microsoft for analysis and research.

Thus, if you use Windows operating systems and want to securely protect your computer from spyware and intrusion of unwanted software, then this program is for you.


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