Mozilla Sunbird is a free, open source cross-platform applications with open source software, which combines in its arsenal, calendar functions and task scheduler. The program is part of a broader set of Mozilla Suite.

Main Features Of Mozilla Sunbird

In spite of that this software is allocated from the more general software package, however, it is completely independent and works completely independently from the main package. The program combines some interesting features and is built on the platform of Apple iCall. Earlier application is available in two versions - fixed and portable. Also, for a long time were working on the integration of applications in the Mozilla Firefox browser and email client Mozilla Thunderbird. However, to date, work on this software suspended. Nevertheless, let us consider the basic feature set of this package.

The program allows you to perform many operations. Here, first of all, is to plan events, write current affairs of the day, week or month (and all this is done by the hour), the installation of various reminders, and so on.. In addition, the application allows you to create and use the so-called collective calendars. The only condition is that the server support JavaScript WebDAV (World Wide Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning), that, in general, tend to almost all Web services and file storage. In this case, the collective Rabta performed by using the protocol HTTP, that is, to get access to calendars from any computer, anywhere in the world when you are connected to the Internet.

Naturally, an important feature of this software is the direct integration into the browser and email client that allows you to work with the program directly from these applications without physically opening the program.

Very strong point of the program is the fact that it works on all major platforms, including the family of operating systems Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Especially, a huge advantage can be called open source code that allows you to modify and upgrade the application as desired. That is why this software has become so popular in the world.


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