Mp3DirectCut is quite simple and convenient freeware program for editing and recording audio in compressed format MP3. It has all the features for fast and high-quality processing of audio files as well, just an intuitive interface with which the user will be able to understand any level of training.

Key Features Of Mp3DirectCut

Let's start with the installation package. It is only 0.28 MB. After installation, you especially do not need to go into any of the settings, as all fully automated. The program itself defines used in the audio driver and sets the recommended characteristics of the audio signal by default. If necessary, you can rebuild all this is elementary.

As for working with the program, then there is no problem. The interface is completely easy, and buttons with all necessary operations are located directly on the panel. Among the main features worth noting the standard operations that are common to all programs of this kind. You can crop, cut, copy, paste, mix of several pieces together or, conversely separation track by file name, change the volume, attenuation, normalization or editing pauses.

It is clear that the program only carry a basic set to work with audio and files. And, of course, it can not possibly compare with professional audio editor like Sound Forge, Cool Edit Pro, ACID, Adobe Audition, and many others. In principle, the developers did not set such a goal. If you look, the program was created, primarily focusing on the average user who uses the standard operations for fast recording and editing audio files. What pleasantly pleased, is that the program works with MP3 files directly without decompressing and displays their contents in the form of a sound wave, as if it were a normal file format WAV. The recording is done exactly in the MP3 format using the mechanisms and coding ACM LAME. In addition, it is worth noting that the application supports Layer 2 formats (DVD / DVB audio). Also, the application has the support work using command line.

mp3directcut-download-windows-pc-546546515615646641In conclusion, I want to say that, even though the program is not even semi, however, has enough capacity to comprehend the basics and mastering the intricacies of working with audio files. By and large, if you master this application, you can safely proceed to something more serious. It seems that difficulties would arise as work with other formats, by and large, from working with the MP3 format is different. The difference can be only in certain special features and filters, which provides the user with one or the other software in the field of work with audio.