MSD Tasks is an organizer of tasks and projects that allows you to keep an eye on the evolution of their goals.

The app not only serves as a way to organize the affairs of everyday life, creating jobs with description, date and time, but also helps you complete projects and works that concentrate various activities.

You can, for example, group several tasks related to the same goal and, as you will conclude each, MSD Tasks will say the percentage already held the job on that front. It also supports to organize working groups with several people with a single platform for everyone, where everyone sees that others are working.

In this scenario, the group leader can delegate activities to many different people and keep everyone busy with specific activities. This helps to coordinate the time and prevents the realization of unproductive meetings.

With the software you can attach files, print reports and send information by email to people who might be interested in a particular project or task. You can still create a database of contacts, among other possibilities.

MSD Tasks

Review Of MSD Tasks For PC

MSD Tasks is an organizational tool that can help you save time and patience. It allows you to organize meetings and tasks as an agenda.

You can coordinate all the tasks to complete a particular project and still manage multiple people on your team in one window, delegating activities and checking how is the progress of them in real time.

Visual less than expected
The fact that together these two dimensions of his life and still offer a kind of contacts book and reports, both printed and e-mail, make it very versatile app, but its interface away potential users. It is complicated than necessary, with many icons, menus and options. The look is also terrible, with graphics that recall the archaic versions of Windows.

This is curious especially because the program is not that old. The last update was in June 2014, but it is already in need of a renewed. It is practically inadmissible company create an app interface for productivity as if he belonged to the 1990s.

Nevertheless, this visual dimension not interfere with the tool functionality. In our tests, the program worked quite well without any continuity problem, having all the options worked perfectly. However, it is undeniable that the magnificence and appearance of "Internet Explorer toolbars with a thousand" discourages use.


Organize everyday events / schedule
It works as personal projects and team manager
Good overall performance


Interface more complicated than necessary
Visual very dated

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