MuseScore - cross-platform software package for creating music on your computer by entering the scores in the form of notes. The program works correctly on the same terminals under the operating systems Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Program features are not limited to a set of scores can be used and mode synthesizer with banks of sounds, and built-in sequencer.

Key Features Of MuseScore

First of all, once we note that the application is absolutely free. As for working with this software product, the whole process is somewhat similar to the functioning of a professional program for creating music Sybelius. Of course, MuseScore called professional program, by and large, it is impossible. This is due to the sounds and the modules used. The fact that it is in terms of the sounds can be used only certain formats, namely, standard set of General MIDI (GM) or SoundFonts (SF2). Here, however, each user has a wide enough choice, because you can load completely different banks, benefit, they are now missing.

If we talk about a set of scores, here, there are three main ways: input via mouse, computer keyboard or an external keyboard instrument connected via USB- or MIDI-interface. This, of course, you must have at least basic knowledge of musical notation and harmony. Sami scores can be exported in text or graphic formats PDF, SVG and PNG. When using sound banks must pay special attention to their heaviness. Here's the thing. The larger the size of the bank and, accordingly, sampling rate, the better sound quality you get. On the other hand, and the load on the CPU, as well as the memory usage will be much higher. So, for low-power computers may be problems with hanging or inhibition of the entire system.

Equally important is the fact that the program has a sufficiently large number of patterns, styles, support for plug-ins in the form of additional modules and the ability to import and export MusicXML format files and Standard MIDI File (SMF).

In general, the program looks pretty powerful and suitable for use for many musicians, well-versed in musical notation. The only thing that upsets, it is somewhat unprofessional sound sets. Although, at first, and they will help you to create a complete piece of music in a completely different styles. Master this software package can be confident bude proceed to work with professional programs created in the field of computer music industry.


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