MySQL is one of the most versatile and sophisticated databases that are used when creating queries related to web programming systems. The fact that the majority of platforms is supported on MySQL. Moreover, all of this programming environment is distributed for free, you can download it anywhere. Particular attention should be paid to our website, which shows the best programs for web programming, creation and inspection of web sites with any level of command.

The Main Features of MySQL

Most importantly, what immediately draws attention even completely inexperienced user, this is an absolute application availability and ease of use. Software product MySQL is open source, and change it can be anyone at its discretion. It even encouraged developers, because only the people working with the application, can fully assess its capabilities. As for just them, here we are dealing with a universal set of functions, which are provided not only in specialized products for web programming, distributed free of charge, but in many simple programs such as a simple notepad that supports the syntax of most currently known programming languages possibility of verification and compilation.

If you look, the creation of sites of any hierarchical subordination with this program, often called a database is easy. Software product MySQL supports a maximum capacity of object-oriented programming, for example, using PHP. Yes, and operating systems MySQL database has the tight integration. Suffice it to say that use MySQL software package can be in Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, MacOS X, HP-UX, AIX, SCO, SGI Irix, Dec OSF, not including the notorious Windows.


This development is so universal that it absolutely does not matter what Operating System is installed on your computer. Fundamentally, all headaches are the same commands and do not require specialized knowledge or skills. That is what makes this development environment of web pages and applications related to the scope for publishing sites or their content inspection so popular. Note that to date no one product that is even possible to download free of charge, does not do without such an integrated support.

MySQL Download