n-Track Studio - software for musicians, which is primarily intended for the use of live recording and mixing of recorded material using a variety of effects in real time. The possibilities of this program is very similar feature sets most applications of this type, however, have some differences.

Key Features Of n-Track Studio

Say at once, this software is not free. It can be tested in a trial version (as usual trial period is 30 days). Naturally, then, have to pay for the use of this software.

With regard to functionality, here we are dealing with two main areas of recording. On the one hand, in creating the musical compositions can be used any MIDI-type device connected, via a cord to your computer or through appropriate hosts software embodiment. It goes without saying that it is best to use the most advanced to date, a software technology ASIO4ALL.

The second important and the key point is the possibility of direct entry through the line input using, for example, electric or microphone. After that, the recorded audio signal can be pretty powerful editing. This includes changing pitch Quantize function type, or add all sorts of effects. And the effect here, of course, missing. Of course, the standard kit includes effects such reverberation, chorus, graphic and parametric equalizers, and spectrum analyzers.


This is all the pros, but now, a few words about the cons. The program supports an unlimited number of audio and MIDI-tracks, but more of them, the more you get a weighty load on the CPU and memory, which essentially inhibits the processing of any audio material in real time. In addition, the program, by and large, are not designed to create multitrack compositions using the built-in synthesizer. In other words, you can only use real instruments and all. That is so not like the musicians who are fans of VST-plugins using virtual technology of sound synthesis. After all, everyone should be clear that today virtual synthesizers offer not only a powerful set of sounds that not only are the same live instruments, but does not occur in nature at all. Lack of support for these modules, of course, a few pushes the program in the background. Although, if you look, since you are a fan of live recording, then at the primary level, and more willing to not need it.

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