NeoDic is the plain and simple translation software designed for the translation of individual words. Let's face it, the functions are not that great, however, receive a transfer of interest words without physical challenge with this application software product seems quite simple and easy. The database also is not great, and contains little more than 69 000 words. Of course, there are professional translation system, which implies the presence of a large database of words and their synonyms, expressions or examples of use. In this case, we have nothing.

Key Features Of NeoDic

First of all, we should say at once that the program is not only one of the easiest to use, but also to install and configure. Plus, if you have already guessed, this application because of its functionality is not paid. Download it and install it, you can, from anywhere. Fortunately, the Internet links for this lack.

As for the installation, there is nothing complicated. You just need to follow the instructions in the wizard and select the desired language during installation interface, as well as the direction of translation. After installation, you get nothing else, as a function that runs in the background. The program icon is constantly hanging in the system tray, and when you hover over it can cause a context menu (right click), which contains all the basic settings, or when you select a word to give a hint about a possible transfer, that's all. On the other hand, the convenience of this small application is that it takes up little space on the disk, it is absolutely not demanding of the system and does not need a permanent connection to the Internet. You understand that many software packages require professional level is support online databases, while establishing at least the hard disk files and libraries.

By and large, though the program is not a professional translator, however, it can not be denied that get translation of any word using the most common values ​​is easy. What is called "cheap and cheerful".

Of course, many would argue that the program does not have in its arsenal, a huge number of synonyms, examples of use of words, phrases, clauses on the origin or use of any words, I must say that apparently, the developers of this software for such a purpose is simply not asked . Most likely, the dictionaries were chosen the most commonly used and affordable translation, which are the key words for many. Naturally, if you want to get the most accurate translation that matches even use the word in a particular sentence, such a program, in any way, you will not do. On the other hand, we can recommend such a program, for example, students or people who are in the early stages of learning a foreign language, or trying to fill up your vocabulary. Sometimes even such knowledge can be very useful.


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