Nero InfoTool is a small but very useful utility that was created in order to provide users with the most complete information about the optical drive used on the computer, and the software to work with them. In some cases, it will be useful to troubleshoot compatibility "iron".

Main Features Of Nero InfoTool

As is known, the control panel settings, in particular, in the Device Manager is not always possible to find detailed information about a particular component. In this case we are talking about installed on your computer optical drives such as CD / DVD ROM drives or Blu-ray. Of the available features in the standard Device Manager can be seen only the most basic features such as read / write speed and information about the driver files.

This program allows you to get a lot more characteristics of these devices. First of all, this applies, of course, of the drive type, manufacturer information, firmware version, read and write speeds, as well as compatible with the drive media that the drive can read and write. At the same time, a window displays all recording modes that are supported by this drive. In addition, the program allows you to keep track of information even about the version of BIOS, CPU, memory and driver files.

Nero InfoToolThe program interface is quite simple. It contains several tabs, sorted by category. Among the tabs are present, such as, drivers, equipment, system, compatibility with HD, drive, disc, configuration software. In each tab, you can find the maximum of the information you need. It is clear that many users of this information is not always necessary. However, for the more experienced user, it can say a lot. As mentioned above, in some cases it will help solve the problem of compatibility, if the equipment there are any conflicts.

Naturally, many tabs present system information, which will be able to understand not every user. But here's what really pleases a special tab Software, which an inexperienced user will be able to choose which programs and applications can be used to work with a variety of optical media. Here there is a pretty good description of such well-known software products like, CloneCD, CloneDVD, Nero, PowerDVD, Alcohol 120% and some others. In practice, described all the things that you may need to read and write CDs.

As a result, it should be noted that the Nero InfoTool is a utility that is able to give the most complete information regarding the work with optical drives. This is what puts it in the category of the best among the applications of this kind.