Nichrome is no other than the usual and the most simple Internet browser on the Rambler, which is almost the same with the development, application, in a browser, Chromium, but also has some features of Opera. As to why the developers have tried to release a browser, everything is obvious. It just adds some additional features are connected with services Rambler.

Key Features Of Nichrome

Let's start with the appearance. In principle, it is no different from many well-known browsers. Needless to say (and it has become an unofficial rule) that when the application starts Nichrome instead of the start page is issued, the so-called Speed ​​Dial, which is present in many programs of this type. Another thing that immediately on the page you can see the most popular services Remblera. Here and mail, search engine, and links to multimedia content, and more. It seems that these are nothing new. It goes without saying that all of these mini-window can be sorted or removed at will.

As for working with the Internet browser Nichrome, then there is also nothing particularly new or interesting there. By default, all pages in the new open tabs, although in principle such a sequence, as in most cases, can be changed. You can set the opening of a new page, for example, in a new window.

If we talk about the boot loader, which is necessarily present in the programs of this type, Nichrome does not stand out. To say that the download speed than usual, it is not, although the developers of software Nichrome claim otherwise.

The only thing that deserves attention is the instant applets on the top panel for quick access to a particular service. Again, this services relating only to Rembleru. By the way, to remove them is simply impossible. Have to, as they say, be content with what we have.

In principle, as one would expect, the program is focused on Nichrome fans search and e-mail system Rambler. Apparently, lately its popularity began to fall, and the developers have decided to create their browser. It is not surprising, because the known systems of the same plan Yandex has followed this path. But to say that Nichrome is faster, safer and more comfortable as a language is not rotated. In principle, the most common plagiarism. Although, if you look, it too has its supporters and fans.


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