Nokia PC Suite is a set of tools for users of mobile Nokia with which they can get more out of your phone. Send text messages from the PC , retrieve images stored in your phone, synchronizing contacts and email Outlook or Lotus Notes, install new themes and games ... are some operations that can be performed with the program. The tool Nokia Music Manager allows to organize the different tunes stored on your phone without leaving your PC . This task is much easier to do it with the computer keyboard with the phone. If your memory card has become too small or if your model is not available, Nokia PC Suite lets you convert MP3 to AAC or AAC +, which achieves a higher compression ratio and thus a higher rate in the storage device to be smaller files. Nokia PC Suite supports most current Nokia phones. If you're confused, you can check the list of compatible models on the web application. Of course, the functions available depend on the model.

Key Features Of Nokia Suite

To begin with, the installation program usually does not cause difficulties, because you only need to follow the instructions of the installation wizard. After you install and connect your phone to your computer, you can manually enter a model number, or, let the program automatically determine the model.

The main "trick» Nokia Suite is that with the help of this program you can view the contents of the phone thoroughly, which is not available for viewing at the USB-connected (no installed program). Here you can use the phone book, messages, view call logs, pictures, music, ringtones (in some versions even edit them) - in short, everything that can be done on the phone itself. However, the computer is editing becomes much more convenient and faster.

The undoubted benefits of the program should include its functionality in the area of ​​work with the Internet and the use of third-party applications. After configuring the program once and use the phone as a GPRS-modem, you can easily connect to the World Wide Web. Of course, the data rate is not as high as, say, when connected to the local network, but for those who have no such possibility, it will be a huge plus. Moreover, we note the services OVI, where you can find anything you want - music, video, weather, books, apps and so. D.

Virtually all models of Nokia (available in view of modern smartphones and communicators), until recently, have worked under the rule of operating systems Symbian, the only difference in OS versions. Here also you will find a wide range of activities to install Symbian and Java applications on your phone directly from your computer, using, for example, do not install files .sys, and standard computer type Setup.exe. It is very convenient and saves a lot of time, especially when there is nowhere to download native installer file.


Actually, I should say, Nokia Suite - really high quality product for use as a telephone, and a computer. In essence, it provides a tremendous opportunity for synchronization. Among the advantages is worth noting that, for example, built-in video / audio player can be operated autonomously and independently of the phone connection. That is, you can watch videos and listen to music directly in Windows without using, for example, Media Player.

And most importantly - the program works no matter which model of phone is used. That is why it is so universal. The only pity is that it can be used only with models of the manufacturer.