Norton AntiVirus 2014 - comprehensive antivirus program that provides a quick, easy and reliable protection against all types of malicious programs. Manufactured by Symantec Corporation and has superior performance, improved security and a wide range of functions, allowing to keep the performance of your computer.

Thanks to its innovative architecture Norton security effectively against viruses, spyware, bots, rootkits, worms and other Internet threats with minimal cycling system resources. Multilevel security system, proactive technologies and pulse updates ensure the highest level of security of your computer and data.

A key element in the program - Norton Protection System - the patented 5-level system that allows to react to threats faster than most other technologies. Another important component is the protection SONAR heuristic technology and constant monitoring of the threats by monitoring for suspicious activity on your computer ahead of threats, identifying unknown malicious processes. To combat difficult to remove threats a special component Norton Power Eraser. In addition, there is a component Download Insight 2.0, which gives protection against harmful software, warning when installing unstable and malicious applications.

norton-antivirus-2014-download-free-trial-version-windows-8-windows-7-xpWeb protection program is also at altitude. Password Manager remembers and automatically enters the credentials protected sites. Proactive protection browser checks and blocks dangerous downloads and stops threats before they can cause harm. With the technology of anti-phishing phishing sites are blocked, as in a powerful antivirus Kaspersky Antivirus 2014 . Also noteworthy technology Norton Safe Web, by which detects and blocks threat bearing resources directly in the search results. Also useful is the function of parental control.

The advantages of the program are the "cloud" security management and its pulse updates every 5-15 minutes non-stop work. Insight Technology significantly boosts antivirus files to determine the safety and scanning only unknown. Very useful for many users will control function of web traffic, which automatically adjusts the update when you connect to 3G networks to avoid the cost of the excess traffic.

Should pay attention to the reliability of network antivirus protection. For this the function of remote monitoring, network mapping scheme and access control between the end point of it, as well as quality protection Wi-Fi. The free version allows you to evaluate only part of the features of the program.

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