Online Armor Free is one of the most powerful software, which is none other than as a firewall. This app is created with all the requirements that apply to programs for the protection of personal computers and data from a variety of threats.

Main Features Of Online Armor Free

First I would like to say that this program has a pretty serious opportunity to track on your PC penetration of various kinds of spyware, malware, advertising, spam and all kinds of Trojans. Moreover, it is specifically designed for those users who do not understand the system settings, the organization of communication or Internet connections, as well, it is not familiar with the principles and mechanisms underlying the establishment and functioning of malicious software. The program has its own automated system settings. While experienced users can take advantage of advanced settings and to build their own levels of security, including even the system startup.

The principle of the application is pretty simple. The program runs in the background and is constantly in the system tray. At the same time, it allows for full control of not only the currently used programs and applications, but also keeps track of traffic on the Internet connection in real time. This can significantly improve the security of information systems and data. Attempts to penetrate from the outside is cut short due to this. The same applies to the installation of the software from the Internet. If the program notices the presence of malicious code, or any threats, it blocks the application.

With regard to the monitoring programs used, it is built on the tooltips on the application icon in the System Tray. Thus it is possible at any time to learn what program is running, or uses system resources.

If we talk about the prevention of threats, then the firewall has its own unique system of analysis is quite a large database of potential threats. In principle, the program is able to block the execution of a code before it will take effect. Why is this compare? For example, there is a kind of wall that can not be bypassed. There is only one gate, which stands guard. It is the role of the guardian and executes an application that is killing the threat before it passes through these gates.

Moreover, if you are in doubt about a particular application, you can always use the service Emsisoft Anti-Malware, which can produce a test of a component online.

And finally, I would like to add that the application does not take up space on your hard disk, distributed free of charge, does not have any restrictions on the terms of use and, most importantly, even running in the background, it is absolutely not load the system resources. So if you want to be confident in the safety of your computer and data stored on it, the firewall fit, as well as possible.


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