Opera Portable is one of the latest version of the popular Opera browser and a so-called portable version of the program. However, I must say that the innovations in it are not so little. The app even has some features that are normally stationary versions simply unavailable. And thanks to the whole, Opera Portable has recently become so popular.

Key Features Of Opera Portable

The first thing that catches the eye when working with Opera Portable, is that the system does support widgets, and through which to access functions that are not available in the regular version. The program also has a magnificent anti-banner, that is, in other words, the module that blocks various types of advertising banners on websites. A speed increased almost sevenfold, compared even with the assembly Opera 10.10. This is achieved by using a completely new engine Presto 2.5. Plus, there is the possibility of instant shutdown schedules.

Opera Portable now supports some advanced features of web standards such as HTML5 and WebM. And JavaScript is now more powerful and fast.

As for the interface, it does support a huge number of skins, with the help of which you can change the appearance to absolute recognition. Displays the contents of the web pages has also become more comfortable. In this case, positioning is carried out so that the user will never see a horizontal scrollbar.


This version is much improved integration with the operating systems Windows Vista and 7. The browser supports even the appearance of the "OSes". With regard to privacy, no information in this mode will not be saved. The only thing, Opera may issue a request to transmit the coordinates of your location, which can be very handy for working with GPS systems and geotegingom.

Highly improved rendering system. If before the built-Vega was responsible for rendering the entire contents of a web page, now he is only responsible for the schedule.

Everything else, in this version adds support for peer to peer networks (P2P), got its own built-in IRC-client, and added the ability to work with RSS.

And of course, this version works on any PC, without leaving any traces after work and not changing the system registry.