Orbitum - an optimized Internet browser for social networks built on known technology Chrome. In principle, the application itself Orbitum, in general, many programs of this type is no different, although it is their chips. Now it's time to social networking activity. Not surprisingly, many developers began to build links to them in their software products. And Orbitum is no exception. But let's see what's what.

Key Features Of Orbitum

And So. The appearance of the main window Orbitum practically does not differ from their counterparts. The same mini-window on the Speed ​​Dial, the very top panel, status bar, etc. As is clear, in the top pane and contains links to all the popular services and social networks. Here are Classmates, VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In general, it seems to be nothing new. However, the program does not Orbitum redirects the user to the link, and allows you to chat in one window. This is somewhat reminiscent of a virtual messenger, which hangs in the System Tray. Only in this case it is not loaded into memory, and operates exclusively in the browser. Hence - the obvious conclusion: the convenience of communication. No matter from which network you received a message, you will always be able to answer it in the comfort of an open window Orbitum.

But as undocumented features, there is a lot of interesting things. The fact that the browser allows Orbitum even create playlists with music and videos, and manage them as if you were working with some player or virtual site. It is this option, from the point of view of many users, and is the most interesting and significant. It is understood that the reference to social networks are nothing new. Many services offer such services. But here's the playback of multimedia content is perhaps a rather unusual feature. Perhaps, in this respect, not many programs can outdo Orbitum.

To sum up some results of the above, we can say that a software product called Orbitum - thing of its kind, unique. Indeed, the application Orbitum can be described as "all in one". This is what puts him in the line of the most popular programs of today. Among other things, it is worth noting that the developers of the software package Orbitum made a free version, which further added to the popularity of this browser. However, and this they do not stop, and eventually, promise to release a new extended version.


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