OSDownloader is a program that makes life easier for users who want to search for subtitles for your movies on your computer. After installing it, a new option is added to the video files context menu to "Download from opensubtitles.org Subtitles" option. Through it you can search for subtitles for the desired movie and still choose subtitle language.

If you do not find the desired result, you can change your search terms in own site window. Remember that the results are shown in order of relevance and click on the entries reveals more details about them.

Manual Process

An alternative is to directly open the OSDownloader and download the legend manually. You insert the video or file folder to scan in opensubtitles.org database. If the legend is not yet available, you can register an alert to be notified when it is inserted.

The program also features extra options to give details about the films, such as IMDB information, cast, genre and synopsis. You can register a score and a comment for the subtitles, helping other users in their searches.


Features Of OSDownloader

OSDownloader is a good program for those who like to watch movies on your computer, it streamlines the process to find subtitles for the film in question. In addition, the application is easy to use because it requires no filling in survey forms.

It should be noted, however, that it has a major flaw: the fact of using the file size as a search term, which is not justified since the dimensions are very variable factor to be used in an online search.

The OSDownloader could still have a search option on other portals subtitles beyond OpenSubtitles.org. Still, if you want to search subtitles faster, this is a great assistant.

The main downside of the program and ends with an advantage is the absence of a filter to find subtitles in Portuguese. That way, the only options that you can look for are in English, German and Hungarian.

You can even venture out to find a "en" with the filter that finds all legends, however, this task is virtually impossible. That way, OSDownloader is suitable only for those seeking a caption in English, which is indicated to train the language.
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