Outpost Antivirus Pro - a fast, powerful and advanced antivirus, developed by Agnitum. It provides protection from various malware, dangerous and fraudulent websites, and identity theft. According to the level of detection of malware distribution Outpost antivirus solutions are among the leaders. The latest security technologies ensure safe web surfing and keeping information computer without disturbing the daily work of the user. Program developers pay special attention to optimize the speed of scanning for viruses, reducing hardware and system requirements for the convenience of a PC with limited resources. This makes protection easy and undemanding, what you have the opportunity to see for yourself what can be Outpost Antivirus Pro free download.

The mechanism of proactive antivirus protection analyzes the behavior of programs, and prevents malicious activity. This highly efficient mechanism is so popular today that is used in many other modern and reliable anti-virus programs, for example, AVG AntiVirus . And advanced technology SmartScan provides acceleration rescanning dozens of times, allowing you to quickly calculate a threat. At the height of the program and the system of self-protection from malware components off.
Outpost Antivirus Pro effectively combats mail and network worms; file, polymorphic and macro viruses; spyware, including Trojans and keyloggers; dialers and adware; veiled threats; botware, hacking tools and joke programs; infected and fraudulent websites, as well as the diversion of passwords, addresses and data bank cards. The technology used SmartDecision, statistical analysis executable files, based on the set criteria makes the assessment of potential threats and shows the user a hint on how to proceed.

Forte is the "cloud" services ImproveNet, which collects information about the local interaction of applications on the PC. In addition, the program is fully adapted to the OS Windows 8. Anti Outpost Antivirus Pro, reviews of recognized organizations which positive test results showing high performance and reliability of Internet security programs, especially self-defense and proactive protection. He thus confirms compliance with modern standards of protection against viruses for operating systems Windows.

Among the features of Outpost Antivirus note high quality protection startup USB-devices from viruses transmitted via the USB-drives. Unique feature is also a mode of entertainment (games, video) and Auto-Learn 2.0 (for beginners). All this makes the Outpost Antivirus ideal for both novice and advanced PC users.