Outpost Security Suite is a package to prevent attacks and to detect potential threats that can come from both local networks and the Internet. Although most of this software is more designed to work with local networks.

Key Features Of Outpost Security Suite

Let's start with the fact that, like many packages, Outpost Security Suit is not a single isolated applications, and consists of four modules connected to each other. This antivirus with proactive protection, antispyware, antispam and firewall. These modules are connected to each other quite closely, allowing for comprehensive protection not only to a single computer, but also the local network as a whole.

One of the hallmarks of this package is that the update is not only anti-virus databases, but also the rules of the security policy used when working with this program. Last update made ​​via the Agnitum ImproveNet. In the system itself, there are some clear rules for safe operation of the network, which, in fact, run on a personal computer access. And by the way, unlike most such programs, Outpost Security Suite not only timely detect potential threats, but also very effective at blocking them or cope with their consequences.

Among the main features of the program is necessary to note the following. This filtering incoming and outgoing network connections, global rules for protocols and ports, creating network access rules, internal protection when trying to stop the service, Proactive Defense Anti-Leak, five modes of policy application Outpost: Allow all / mode enable / Training Mode / Lock Mode / Block all, cloud service and display monitor network activity in real time.

Everything else, this software package supports 32-bit and 64-bit systems, and, regardless of whether they are installed on the network, or other or both of them together.

Additional features and program settings can be found and no less useful and necessary. For example, they have no problems with the status of administrator access can be set parental controls, as well as the use antibanner that blocks banner ads on sites that contain them.

In general, though, and many program called Antivirus is, in essence, not only anti-virus, but also very powerful protection of local networks from unauthorized intrusion or any kind of attacks and threats.


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