Paint.NET - one of the most powerful and unique graphical editor that has a rather interesting features. The main focus of the program is made ​​to work with photos or vector graphics. A tool to edit or create graphics, just an incredible amount.

The Main Features Of Paint.NET

Immediately note that this application is able to work, not all computer configurations. First of all, for a normal work correctly, the following conditions: Windows 7 (SP2 or higher) or Windows XP SP3, or Windows Vista SP1, .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, a processor with a clock speed of 800 MHz, 512 MB RAM, screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixels, free disk space 200 MB or more. In addition, the 64-bit system requires a 64-bit CPU and a 64-bit version of Windows. Terms and conditions of such a configuration is primarily dictated by the system requirements for proper operation the .NET Framework. A diskokove space is used to store temporary files that are created as image editing. This is due to the fact that the program has no restrictions on the cancellation of an action, and you can always revert to the original version.

Now a few words about the main features of the program. First of all, it is worth noting that the application has a simple intuitive interface. Practically, all the tools are focused on special panels and designed to take account of any user to everything you need was at hand. Among the most simple operations, in addition to the standard set of familiar from other editors, it is worth noting the possibility of allocating (tool "magic wand"), cloning images and fragments, as well as the presence of a simple text editor. Effects are presented fairly diverse. In principle, such a set is found in almost all programs of professional level. But it is worth noting separately, so this is the effect of three-dimensional rotation. He, and if found, it is quite rare. By the way, interestingly enough, a system scale images. It permits precise adjustment scale ranging from 1% to 3200%. Not every editing can offer such a serious increase. As a consequence, there is the possibility of more accurate and complete editing of any portion or fragment of an image or photograph. And just as easily, the program works with editing layers that can be done, basically, only in paid applications.

Among the supported formats are presented BMP, IPEG, PNG, TIF, GIF and proprietary format PDN. In addition, the program allows you to connect a lot of plugins that provide additional opportunities to work, as well as increase the number of recognized file formats. And finally, it should be said that the program is absolutely free and has no restrictions on the terms and conditions of use.


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