Pale Moon 25.0.1 - a high-performance browser created Moonchild Productions based on Mozilla Firefox for platforms based on Windows. The program has all the features available its inverse image, while significantly outperforming it in speed. The software is optimized so that the use of the CPU and RAM is minimized and this makes it universal. To appreciate it, you can download Pale Moon.

The browser has a set of internal improvements (mostly remote code tweaks) and provides extensive support for today's powerful processors. Due to this performance Pale Moon at least 25% higher than that of the progenitor and confirmed by testing. High speed is maintained when loading pages with both vector and 3D-graphics and video.

An interesting function of the browser is to use existing Firefox profile by means of a tool to migrate user if desired. In addition, you can use skins and decorate to your liking GUI programs. You can also add new features or modify existing configuration using the browser extensions. They add almost anything from Control Panel to completely new possibilities. You have the ability to supplement the program plug-ins that provide all that is needed for normal browsing. This transforms the original austerity Pale Moon in a significant advantage because it gives the user maximum space for comfortable Internet surfing.

pale-moon-25-0-1-download-windows-pcNotable features include the presence of a browser worth official crack, previews when switching tabs, Status Bar, the advanced settings scroll. Other distinctive features of the program and its definite plus is the ability to download fonts, built-in support for SVG and Canvas, and HTML5. Sort pages and script processing is carried out at very high speed. Stability programs at height, and work with it - a pleasure.

In general, this prolific, popular and fastest browser can be recommended to all users. Owners of modern processors will appreciate it because it does not overload your computer. It cut out some unused components grandparent, such as, for example, Active X and parental control. Thus the reliability and safety of the browser remained at a high level.