Password Commander - one of the most interesting and powerful program for storing all sorts of passwords and personal data with built-in random password generator and Autofill forms with one click. Appendix Password Commander is a multi-user and is very easy to use, moreover, is distributed absolutely free and has no restrictions on the installation. There is also a special portable version that requires no installation at all.

Key Features of Password Commander

The software itself Password Commander is not much different from the majority of this type of application. It goes without saying that here made storage and data protection. However, there is a small but significant difference. The fact is that in addition to the basic means of protection and data encryption program Password Commander includes more than 40 additional plugins safety.

If to speak about security, the application Password Commander has another unique feature. The fact that the input data can not always be protected by a hundred percent, for example, if your computer was made outside interference with the subsequent installation of spyware applications called key-loggers. In other words, when you enter the same password or credit card number, all the characters from the keyboard are copied and sent to the attacker. In this case, nothing like this happens because the program Password Commander provides the user with a virtual on-screen keyboard that protects the input data is much higher. In addition, the application for visualizing Password Commander is used, the so-called floating toolbar, which provides quick access to the right information.

As befits this type of application, the program Password Commander is able to automatically fill out forms in the course of, for example, on the website or in the mail. In this case, it even the logs after the AutoComplete, that is, the user is, roughly speaking, even pressing the Enter key is not necessary. No less interesting is the ability to add a password to your bookmarks, as well as instant synchronization between multiple computers. Naturally, there is provided a multiplayer mode that allows it to access its database.

It remains to add that the software product Password Commander has a friendly user-friendly interface and even supports skins (skins), which allows it to rebuild on their own.


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