Unfortunately, today there are many users who do not pay enough attention to computer security, social networking, e-mail, online payment by credit or debit cards, etc. in terms of creating strong passwords and store them. Many primitive create passwords and then are surprised that their registration details have been hacked. Here's the handy universal program Password Generator 2.0.0 .

Key Features Of Password Generator 2.0.0

The first thing that catches the eye, so is the size of the program. He is less than 200 KB. But what is most interesting, with such a low weight, the application Password Generator 2.0.0 has quite interesting and quite understandable interface.

In the main window Password Generator 2.0.0 There are three top menu. The first and second are used to select which type of password you want to generate (a simple string or a combination of words). The third menu displays the contents of the clipboard.

To create a new password in the Password Generator 2.0.0 user can pre-select the style and type the password and, at its discretion, ask to use the shift yl number of characters that will be contained in the new password.

When all the necessary initial conditions in the annex Password Generator 2.0.0, will only click "Get password", which is located in the lower left corner of the main screen. Along the way, you should pay attention to the fact that the application Password Generator 2.0.0 is capable of generating more than a dozen different combinations of Dinah up to 128 characters each.

After passwords are created, they can be copied to the clipboard, then paste to any other text editor, or just to save passwords in a file.

And here we can say that the usual store passwords in a file, this is all that is limited to the program Password Generator 2.0.0. The fact that the software itself is not able to store passwords, which is why their preservation and produced in a text file. As is clear, with computer hacking attack from outside the file can easily be used by hackers for their own purposes.

Basically, if you look. Program Password Generator 2.0.0 will be most useful to ordinary users, who want only to create strong passwords, for example, to work on the Internet. For users concerned about security passwords and computer systems, of course, this program looks weak.


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