PC Tools AntiVirus Free - this is one of the most compact and easy to use free software solutions for computer security against harmful codes, spam, fraudulent Web-sites and various unforeseen virus attacks. At all levels of computer antivirus provides protection against viruses, spyware, and unnecessary ads using several cutting-edge technologies such as AdAware. PC Tools AntiVirus monitors incoming e-mail, check the Web-pages and documents or even automatically offers to scan removable drives when connected.

Main Features Of PC Tools AntiVirus Free

The program is based on a multi-engine has a built antivirus and antispyware with the possibility of the elimination of spam and prevent phishing attempts. Also in this software product provides the opportunity to Web-scan, parental controls and create a boot disk to restore the system. The program monitors the opening and launch not only executables, and even office documents, and all this is done in real time using advanced technology IntelliGuard. If a virus is detected in the file, the program prevents its execution and enters it in accordance with the settings available to the user: move to quarantine or delete.

PC Tools AntiVirus Free provides a scan individual files, folders or entire drives. Computer scan can be run in accordance with current needs and capabilities, as well as provides an opportunity to use the scheduler to check repetitive tasks. Regular monitoring of all data on the computer gives the user confidence in the fact that he did his best to protect them. Viruses in attachments of emails are destroyed before stored on your hard drive. In accordance with the specific situation, all files can be checked, as well as all attachments or attachments only the selected format. PC Tools AntiVirus Free provides the elimination of unwanted and spam. The Antispam module works with lists of allowed and blocked senders, but also performs heuristic analysis of message content, thus saving time, which would have to be spent on manually deleting spam. This software allows you to share unlockable Web-pages in certain categories, in order to avoid the appearance of unwanted and harmful content, and can also block certain categories, such as pornography, violence, and therefore protects children when using the Internet. In fact, to date, PC Tools AntiVirus Free , though not a very widespread virus protection package, but, nevertheless, has all the necessary set of tools that will help you protect your PC from unwanted intrusion and virus attacks. Especially because it contains a module Smart Update, which allows updating of antivirus databases and program as a whole.


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